Strength in Neighbors

Focus on neighborhoods

“Each Cincinnati community demands attention and investment, but has unique needs. “

ys-1Cincinnati has many neighborhoods that have thrived in recent years, but too many communities have received little or no investment. Some may have great parks, but a struggling business district, while others have good retail but few recreational options. A thriving city is one where everyone lives in a healthy community with diverse amenities. This is a blueprint for our Administration and partners to follow. However, we know every community has unique needs and concerns. We need to do more to meet our neighborhoods where they are. Our neighborhoods can’t wait; the time is now.

The 20-Minute Neighborhood Initiative

What is a 20-minute neighborhood? Yvette’s 20-minute neighborhood initiative is the goal that every Cincinnatian would have access to all of their basic needs and services within a 20-minute walk from their doorstep. All of their daily needs and activities, from shopping to schools, parks and recreation to transit, would be accessible within their own community. Other cities have already adopted or are considering this model:

  1. Portland Model
  2. Detroit Model
  3. Eugene Model

The 20-Minute Neighborhood Initiative is a new vision for Cincinnati. As Mayor, Yvette will work with our neighborhoods and the administration to plan, incentivize and implement policies and outcomes to create balanced, thriving communities across our city. Under her leadership, the city will:

Ready, Set, Go Plan

As Mayor, Yvette will ensure all neighborhoods rise together. Each Cincinnati community demands attention and investment, but has unique needs. As Mayor, Yvette will implement a Ready, Set, Go plan, so each neighborhood is set up for success.

Other Initiatives to Lift our Communities

ys-2Yvette’s neighborhood focus will also create opportunities in engagement, small business, and housing.