The 52 FAQ

What is a 52 Committee?

A 52 Committee is an organized group of Yvette’s core supporters. The level of involvement is up to you, but each committee will organize fundraising events and opportunities to volunteer with the campaign. Committees will also receive campaign updates from Yvette and campaign staff, and will be the first to know of important campaign announcements.

What are the different committees? Will any more be added?

The initial groups are the Women, Young Professionals, and Moving Cincinnati Forward Committees. Additional groups will be added throughout the campaign. If you are interested in co-chairing a newly formed committee, please email us at

What will the Committees do?

The goal of The 52 is to fundraise and engage Yvette’s supporters. Each committee is led by a group of co-chairs, who will plan events and activities. Committee members are encouraged to attend and participate! These events could include a fundraiser/friendraiser at a bar or restaurant, canvassing on a Saturday afternoon, distributing yard signs, or meeting at a member’s house to make campaign phone calls.

Who can join?

Anyone and everyone is welcome! It is the goal of each committee to be as diverse as possible, and have representation across the city. To sign up, click the “Join The 52” button, above.

Do I need to contribute?

Yes. All campaigns require funding to spread the word, and ours is no exception. Each committee has two levels of involvement:

  • Founder: To be considered a “Founder”, donate or raise (through friendraising) $52 per month (or a lump sum of $520), or host or co-host an event. In addition to attending events, Founders are encouraged to take on a leadership role planning events and/or inviting their friends. 
  • Member: To be a Member, you can contribute either $10 or $25 per month, or make one lump contribution of $100 or $250. The level is up to the individual. Members are invited to all activities and are encouraged to participate!

What does “The 52” mean?

“The 52” represents the inclusion of all of Cincinnati’s 52 neighborhoods in our campaign, and symbolizes the broad coalition of supporters that is Team SIMPSONNATI.

I have another question. Who should I contact?

Please email us at with any other questions, suggestions, or for more information.