Through bold ideas and progressive spirit, Yvette will lead us on a path towards better business, brighter communities and bigger opportunities for everyone to play a part in our city’s future. Together, we’ll transform Cincinnati into a city with unlimited potential. A place for all possibilities. A Greater Cincinnati for us all.

GREATER Connectivity

To become a first-class city, we need a strong transit system. For many of our citizens, it’s critical to getting to work or school, to access healthcare or other essential services. It is also critical to attracting and retaining the next generation of citizens, and our growing tourism industry. As Mayor, Yvette will prioritize an improved transit system. She will seek partnerships with our transit authority, and state and federal governments, to better connect our citizens and compete for new talent.

GREATER Communities

Re-Knit Communities, Re-Build Trust

Great communities are safe communities, where citizens are happy and healthy. Thriving neighborhoods where people desire to move, raise families, and retire. As Mayor, Yvette will continue her work in communities, listening to the voices and needs of our citizens on the ground.

Strengthening Small Business

Small businesses are key to neighborhood vibrancy and job creation. Yvette will work to develop an ecosystem to better support those neighborhood businesses, from their beginning stages through their growth phases.

Preserving Our History

A significant part of Cincinnati’s story and character is our history, which is represented by the amazing buildings that grace many of our neighborhoods. Those buildings are valued and irreplaceable. As Mayor, Yvette will prioritize saving these treasures, and putting them back to use for the next generation.

GREATER Opportunity

Workforce Development

Cincinnati needs a 21st Century workforce, and opportunities for all who want and are willing to work hard for it. We must first connect our current workforce to the jobs that currently exist in the region, by prioritizing transportation. We must also attract middle class jobs of the future, in advanced manufacturing and green technology, by recommitting to the work of the Port Authority and REDI in the Queensgate area.

Safer, Brighter Future for Young People

To realize a brighter future, we must first instill hope and provide opportunity to the next generation of Cincinnatians. As a Councilmember, Yvette revamped the City’s Summer Youth Employment Program, and convened a Youth Commission, which hosted an annual youth summit and launched a citywide youth study. She will continue this work as Mayor, working to implement recommendations from the study to change the way we serve our children.

Helping Families out of Poverty

Cincinnati has one of the worst childhood poverty rates in the nation, and these children are more likely to become adults living in poverty. To address this generational poverty, we must provide sustainable jobs with wages sufficient to live, have benefits, and get to work by transit.

We also must provide safe, clean, and reliable housing that people can afford. As Mayor, Yvette will ensure that the voices of those living in poverty will be part of the discussion and the solution.

Build a GREATER Foundation

Basic services are our bread and butter. From road maintenance to sanitation, police and fire to neighborhood health clinics, our citizens rely on these services every day. We must do them better and more efficiently, and that’s where partnership comes in. As Mayor, Yvette will work to leverage the knowledge and expertise of our business community, and study best practices across the country. We will access the best technology, and incorporate the best processes and training for our workforce, so that Cincinnati’s basic services will be second to none.

Develop GREATER Relationships

Too often, our individual interests are pitted against one another for scarce resources. Cincinnati is not an island, and we face many challenges and opportunities together as a region. As Mayor, Yvette will build stronger partnerships within our region, and seek ways to bridge divides and create shared opportunities among our regional governments, private and non-profit entities, and community organizations.

Shaping a GREATER Future, Together.

With a bold vision for Cincinnati, we need a leader who knows the only limitations are the ones we place on ourselves. A leader who also understands that we can’t achieve this vision alone; everyone must have a seat at the table. As Mayor, Yvette will ensure that every citizen has the chance to be heard, and will create opportunities for everyone to play a role in shaping a greater future for Cincinnati.